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Special Link for Tiered Literacy Discussion



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Supervisory Union


Literacy Team Resources



Literacy Leadership Team


Deb Devaney    (Mary Hogan) 

Donna MacKenzie   (Mary Hogan)

Laura King    (Mary Hogan)

Leigh Harder   (Weybridge)

Charlotte Homquist   (Ripton)

Gwen Zwickel  (Bridport)

Priscilla Bowen   (Shoreham)

Lisa Beck   (Cornwall)

Garreth Parizo   (MUMS)

Paula Bellerose  (MUMS)

Bethany Morrissey/Lili Foster    (Salisbury)



Click here to find out more about ACSU's Literacy Leadership Team!

Literacy Leadership Team Updates

(minutes/agendas, etc.)






Materials from Fall State Meeting (Grade 4-6 hand-out; K-3 to follow)


ACSU Writing Framework: will be revised during the

2008-2009 school year (click here for last year's draft and summary charts)


2007-2008  Common Constructed Response Tasks--

                   Response to Informational Text

                   (K-6 documents will be available on-line later this fall)



2008-2009  Common Constructed Response Tasks--

                   Response to a Visual Image (skip intro/click here!)  


Based on feedback last spring, Year two constructed response tasks include clearer protocols for each grade level to insure more standard administration.  Grade level rubrics align with power standards and GEs and have been reviewed by the Literacy Team and State Writing facilitators.  Finally, we have chosen "Response to a Visual Image" tasks for a variety of reasons.  When completing this year's task...


  • Students will craft a short answer in response to a specific focus question/stimulus.  This continues our work with constructed response exercises.


  • Students will demonstrate communication skills independent of reading print.   


  • Students are "reading" an image. This should make the task accessible for most students.                                                                                                                     
  • Students will show progress in writing skills by completing a fall and spring response to the same prompt.                                                                                      


Teachers who have been involved with Middlebury College's MiddArts program will recognize some parallels with Visual Thinking Strategies.  The VTS discussion protocols are incorporated to encourage students/classes to engage in conversations that will stimulate writing.  We have discussed this work with Sandi Olivo, and her feedback was very valuable in the construction of these writing tasks.


Each grade level team will be given a Set of Response to a VIsual Image Prompts.  From this set, teams will choose ONE all agree to administer twice--early October and mid-May.  On August 21st, teachers should carefully review prompts, protocols, and rubrics.  Teachers will meet in November and late May to look at student work.  Scores on this task are to be recorded and used for progress report writing evidence, fall/spring.


Common writing tasks lead to professional dialogue.  When we reflect on our students' responses, we will learn about our instruction.  Professional development, support, and resources are being provided to make this common task an opportunity for student and teacher, rather than simply a mandate. 


Now...learn more about this year's common task:   Response to a Visual Image





 Want to know more about the next 

Department of Education's Vermont

Professional Development Network Meeting? 

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www.networkleader.pbwiki.com  VERMONT LITERACY NETWORK

http://www.education.vermont.gov/new/html/pgm_curriculum/literacy/gle.html         GE and NECAP LINK

www.writingfix.com  FANTASTIC WRITING SITE!!!  (Truly, one of the best)


del.icio.us/lindyjohnson   LITERACY BOOKMARK SITE (Lindy Johnson/VT DOE)http://www.discover-writing.com/  BARRY LANE'S WEBSITE

http://www.readingrockets.org/  LITERACY WEBSITE

http://www.flreads.org/Reading%20Websites.htm  LITERACY LINKS

http://www.aaronshepard.com/  READER'S THEATRE 

 http://www.lexile.com/EntrancePageHtml.aspx?1 Learn about Lexile Text Levels

http://www.aimsweb.com  Aimsweb home page







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